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Re: A well-marked trail (and Donna)

Kat, if you're speaking to the recent references of the Chiricuahua Challenge being well-marked, you can rest easy.
This ride WAS well-marked, i.e., using the ribbons and logic, you could find your way.  It was still possible to go off-
trail (as about 20 of us did at one time) .  I think some people (me included) found it refreshing after riding many
rides (which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty), where it was obvious the trail markers started marking the
50 with a single roll of ribbon and returned to camp with 3/4  of it left (lol).....

Hey Donna, sorry the ride ate you up.  You missed the best loop -- the second loop for the 50's was spectacular,
but was definitely tougher than the other two (took me as long to do loop 2 as the other two combined!)


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