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Re: Re: Re: Breeching

Try the Tornow website I posted last night.  The saddle breeching is at the end of the catalog, and it might be easier to just order the catalog than wade through the online photos, but the photo of the saddle breeching is very good, and you can see all the buckle placements, etc.  FWIW, two quarter straps as shown will keep the whole get up in place better than just one, according to Chuck the Packing God.
BTW, the trick with breeching is not to let it adjust too low so that it hampers movement.  Just a few inches below the point of the buttocks is about right, otherwise it's like a lady trying to run in a narrow skirt.
How well it will work on a riding horse versus for packing, dunno.  Bob's right, you don't do much trotting when you're packing (except for General Lee the mule, who does *everything* when he's packed, the little snot).
Susan G
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Anyone have a photo or design they could provide me of a breeching that would attach to a saddle?   I would be interested in trying a breeching as opposed to a crupper and we make our own biothane tack.   Our Amish harness maker could help us modify a breeching for use with a saddle but I would appreciate any info, ideas, suggestions, etc. for doing so.

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