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Re: Breeching

I just ordered pack saddles (including breeching, of course) through Chris Tornow up in Washington state.  Her number is 360-435-3889, you can call for a catalog, or sorta access a catalog through  The workmanship is beautiful, but all they do is leather, not biothane.
As a ripple effect from the FMD outbreak in Europe, the price of leather is reportedly going to be considerably higher in the near future, so if anyone is considering leather, now's the time to order.
You can also do a web search for "horse packing" and look for other sources of breeching that way.  Cabela's carries packing equipment, also Packing Outfitters.  I haven't seen any in biothane with the exception of Orthoflex, and their prices were out of line IMO (even though I own two of their saddles).
Good luck. :-)
Susan G
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I've decided to use a breeching instead of a crupper.  Can anyone recommend a good US source for a leather or biothane breeching?  Also, I've never used one so any advice on their use/fitting is welcome!

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