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Re: Biltmore Blues

>Bob Morris wrote:
>We, the membership of the AERC MUST make our Board of Directors aware of how we >initially under the AERC Rules and Regulations
>with the FEI secondary or do we as the membership care less and would be willing >to have the FEI Rules and Regulations prevail.
>I for one do not care to see the FEI rules prevail. All AERC Rides must be run >under the AERC Rules and Regulations and any
>modification of these rules and regulations for the benefit of the FEI Contestant >must be strictly that, only applying to those riding
>FEI and subservient to the AERC competitors.

OK, Board, here are my wishes.....

The Biltmore Ride was "sanctioned" by AERC, FEI, AHSA, SERA, and IAHA.
ONLY FEI stomped on AERC rules. AERC rules should always take precedence
over FEI rules and a rider not participating in the FEI portion should
not be required to conform to ANY rules not applicable were it a NON-FEI
ride. In the event of conflicts, AERC rules should prevail.  In
addition, where facilities (camping, space, vet-checks, etc) are
inadequate for providing compliance with FEI rules without providing
special privileges to FEI riders, FEI sanctioning should be denied.

It's a minor point, but I resented not being able to use my
heartbelt.....the argument that someone made about "not everybody being
able to afford one" is stupid.  If you can pay to enter FEI rides, you
certainly can afford a simple heart monitor...and maybe that SHOULD be a
valid indicator of a horse's's real time and certainly more
accurate than a stethoscope. Just tell your pulse takers "Don't look at
it!" Maybe I could cover it with duct tape?

This "having control of FEI horses so we put them all in the same area
is idiocy". I wonder if Biltmore FEI stewards put out picket lines and
"guarded" the horses all night? Hmmmm...probably was pretty

I think my post on BC judging at Biltmore was misinterpreted.  In the
ride meeting it was stated that:

You have an hour to recover to a pulse of 60.

Top Ten will have a CRI in 30 minutes

Top Ten will stand for BC 1 Hour from completion (or 30 minutes after
the CRI)

When we showed up for CRI, we were told that BC judging was 30 minutes
AFTER RECOVERY TO A PULSE OF 60. This is NOT the same as 30 minutes
after the CRI.  If you were DOWN in 30 minutes, no problem.  However,
under this definition, if you were NOT down to 60, you would still have
to have a CRI in 30 minutes, then you would still have 30 minutes to
recover to 60, then 30 minutes after THAT before you had to stand for
BC. Not a fair judging.

Angie, when did they tell you that weigh-in for BC would be at the
finish line?  I didn't hear that in the ride meeting. Must be getting

What did I like about FEI at Biltmore? Nothing.  IMHO, FEI and AERC are
too far apart in rules and regulations for a happy marriage. 

I did enjoy the trails...didn't get to try the food.  Gave my "gourmet"
meal ticket to one of my crew. Vets were outstanding.

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

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