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Re: RC: Biltmore Blues

In a message dated 05/07/2001 3:56:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<<  What did you LIKE about it? >>


I LIKED the food!!!!  At $15 a ticket, it better be good!!  Seriously, I 
think us "good ole boy endurance riders weren't accustomed to what we 
experienced [an FEI Ride).  I mean I didn't like having to walk 3/4 of a mile 
one way to go back to my camp site every time but like you said, I could have 
gotten there on Wed or Thurs AM and maybe have been given permission to park 
in the special FEI designated sight located right beside the crew area and 
vet-in area.  And maybe if we had gotten there earlier we would have been 
able to get a bigger crewing area than our 3ft by 6ft slot.  Us good ole boys 
just didn't know and understand all the rules.  Now that we do, I think a lot 
of us will be "humble and go back to our good ole boy rides."  I guess I'm 
not disciplined enough at this point in my life to be told what I could or 
could not do every time I turned around.  I salute the FEI riders and their 
crews for their discipline and patience toward their organization.  My 
suggestion is that if you are going to segregate some things in the ride, 
then all things should be segregated.  It would not have been that hard to 
have a pit crew area for FEI and non-FEI.  The same with the vet-ins and 
parking areas.  The biggest thing I saw was not the complaining but the 
misunderstanding of all the rules by non-FEI Riders and pit crews and I'm 
sure we made it difficult for the FEI riders.  But again Angie, The FOOD WAS 

Phil Rash   

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