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RE: Biltmore Blues

I do believe that one very important factor must be determined prior to any condemnation. The following must first be answered:
1. Who was the initial sponsor. AERC? FEI? IAHA?
2. Who was the secondary sponsor
3. Who was the tertiary sponsor.
Discussion; if the AERC was the point of origin for this ride, the initial sanctioning body sponsoring the event, then AERC rules are the initial and final rules for all entered. The FEI rules are secondary and only apply to the FEI cross entrants and only while participating for FEI standing. A rider could be eliminated from FEI competition and still be a valid AERC participant. Then you have the further confounding circumstances of also making this ride an IAHA event. We are fortunate that the IAHA accepts AERC Rules and Regulations.
We, the membership of the AERC MUST make our Board of Directors aware of how we want these dual, and at times triple, sanctioned events to be run. Do we as the membership care to have our rides run initially under the AERC Rules and Regulations with the FEI secondary or do we as the membership care less and would be willing to have the FEI Rules and Regulations prevail.
I for one do not care to see the FEI rules prevail. All AERC Rides must be run under the AERC Rules and Regulations and any modification of these rules and regulations for the benefit of the FEI Contestant must be strictly that, only applying to those riding FEI and subservient to the AERC competitors.
You all had best let your Directors, including those at large, know what you want or you will be getting just what you don't want.
Bob Morris
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What did you LIKE about it?(the FEI involvement?)

Nothing - as far as I can tell, without copying the WHOLE well-written
missive, I can't see any redeeming value in all this folderol. Sheesh! Too
many of us are involved in endurance because we were sick to death of the
you-know-what from the show ring. FEI, with all of its trappings, is too too
closely related to the show ring. sigh!

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