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fei/cei Washoe valley nv

These numbers are not exact, but very close to the actual riders that 
participated in the ride last Saturday.  
25 miles 42 riders
50 miles 100 riders
100 miles 20 riders
100 miles fei-c 19 riders
Ride manager was Connie Creech and ride secretary Gina Hall
This ride was so well managed that everything went smoothly.  I did not 
notice any difference with it being a FEI 100 mile sanctioned ride, except 
for more riders this year.  Parking was more cramped than usual, but people 
seemed to take it very well.  Everyone was treated the same no matter the 
mileage.   The vets were all experienced.   Nancy Elliot, D.V.M., head vet, 
did a superb job in organizing the vetting area. I rode a slow 50 and I never 
saw long lines at any time, except for the pre-vet check.  I personally was 
looking forward to seeing the top horses and riders like Becky Hart, Marcia 
Smith, etc.   A booklet was sent out with the ride entry explaining all the 
rules and regulations, schedule of events etc. so I was informed of 
everything long before the day of the ride.   Connie manages to get the best 
volunteers. Especially the old timers that come year after year, and know 
what to do.  Making you feel that helping you is the highlight of their 
existance.  A steak and chicken barbecue with all the fixings was also one of 
the best.  No complaints on this FEI ride.
Pam in Reno

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