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Re: RC: Biltmore Blues

Add to that the parking 
segregation (that one would really piss me off) and I'm outta here.  Parking 
should always be based on first come, first parked.

As far as this goes, it is required by FEI that the horses be somewhere [in Europe it is usually in a stable] where there can be patrols and security.  This is why the FEI riders must be together.  At our ride they had their own area roped off but it was not a "preferred" place.  As a matter of fact the late comers got the best parking places.  I would agree that from what I read, if the parking was as said, it was hardly fair to the other riders.  The SASO IV ride and the WASHOE ride with almost 200 riders, had no problems at all running the FEI in conjunction with a regular AERC 25/50/100.  Everything went smoothly for us.

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