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Biltmore Blues/Washoe Ride

The Washoe 25/50/100 this weekend near Carson City, Nv went off very
well I thought.  I entered the 50, but my horse colic'd at 10pm and
sooo   I ended up helping in the P&R "box".   It this case there was a
lane for 100's and one for 50's/25's and they all fed into the five vets
with a kindly fellow  keeping it from  getting backed up.  The system
worked very well and smooth as can be.  I heard some gripping about it
because they didn't want  you in the "box"  until you had recovered.  If
you were too high you just exited and came back.   I think it worked out
better than having gobs of people standing there waiting for the horse
to recover --they should go out, maybe put some water on their horse and
come back.  I think it's a fairly good way to sort out whose in shape
and who isn't, so it rewards those who know their P&R and are efficient
in their progress thru the line.  I've never ridden and FEI event, but
I've been to a couple and crewed at a couple.   It's just different.   I
was very confused at the first event, because I had my "AERC HAT" on  &
was looking for comfortable rules--- FEI is just different w/some added
things and I got over it with a "do as the Romans do, when in Rome"
philsophy. HOWEVER, I do believe there is a communication gap at these
dual sanctioned rides and it wouldn't hurt  to have a designated
"teacher" for the day.   It doesn't bode well if regular riders get
bummed out about it and don't want to participate...think about it.  If
only 17 riders show up for an FEI event (that's how many FEI riders
there were  out of 40 some in the Washoe 100) it would not be
financially feasible to put on the event.  So FEI officials need to
acknowledge this and also believe the time well spent in educating up
the commoners because that is where their future riders are coming
from!  All of us commoners need to keep an open mind and vow to learn
what we can & take the best back to our everyday rides. k (West Region,
6000 mi +/-)

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