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In a message dated 5/8/01 6:53:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

We have a great discipline, unencumbered by frivolous rules such as
having to wear a particular type of shirt.  AERC allows Ride Managers
the option to add whatever rules they wish to accommodate location, ride
conditions, and ensure the safety of the riders.  Generally speaking,
those changes are listed on the entry form.  In short, we have "freedom"
in our discipline. AERC provides basic common sense rules and guidelines
to follow.  It accommodates a wide range of riders at all skill levels
while providing the opportunity to move up as far as your ambition,
time, and money allow. IMHO, "integrating" FEI with AERC would create
more problems than benefits.

A more sanguine truth was never spoken - I see no point and no benefit to
adding a laundry list of new rules to AERC's.

    Check it Out!    

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