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Barbara and the rest of the net:
I will attempt to take this on as I have been one of the vocal posters and also as you know Barbara, attended my first FEI ride in Davenport, CA in 1986 with the Mountain Time Zone Team.
First let us get one thing straight! FEI competitions NOT a higher level of competition. Endurance competition is endurance competition. It is you and your horse against the trail and conditions of that particular day. It can be the same day and the same trail and the same conditions that are present for a backyard AERC ride.FEI rides are no more difficult, and in fact somewhat less difficult, than any old AERC Ride. So let's forget the elitism.
Second, Barbara stated <<<<has to do with the feeling that AERC may lose it's individuality and control over its own destiny and become simply a subsidiary of FEI.>>> 
I ask is it of any concern of the FEI, what criteria that the US (read AERC) uses to choose a team for competition in International competition. It is the requirement that every team member be familiar with the International rules of competition, but the actual criteria of the FEI sanctioning the rides we choose to use for qualification? What is the intent of the FEI in making this a requirement. Do they fear we will be entering inferior riders? That would be our responsibility.
A third point is, if we choose to have some of our rides functioning under the aegis of the FEI why not have all of our rides do this for the sake of uniformity? Do we actually need a multitude of sanctioning bodies for our rides. Be aware we now have some rides sanctioned (and I use that term very loosely) by regional bodies, breed associations, the AHSA (defacto sanctioning through the AERC) and the AERC. Every one of those entities takes their little bite of the entry fee. (I believe in some circles called mordita?)
Then of course there is the question of dominance. This occurs at the local ride level at the regional level and at the national level. We know who dominates at the International level, the FEI so we do accept that. But do we have to have this bureaucratic organization at our national level? And if we do, will they also control the day to day operations? If not, of what use are they?
As a comparison and this is a very old one; many years ago we were officials with the United States Ski Association. I was certified as a referee and a starter, my wife as a timer and finish referee. We were certified by the USSA but we both worked many international class events including qualifying events for the selection of national teams (US and Canadian). None of this required interfacing directly with the FIS (the skiing FEI) There is no reason this cannot be the same when it comes to endurance competition. 
I see a great amount of the FEI regimentation as a hold over from the military regimes in Europe. I see the reluctance, in this country, to the subjection to the FEI as a deep seated revolt to these regimes.
I must cease this discussion for a bit and go spray weeds in my so called pasture. However I am willing to continue the discussion at a bit later time. 
Bob Morris 
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Can someone tell me what the problem(s) are with having FEI rides?  All this
sounds to me like a lot of belly aching.  

I think it has to do with the feeling that AERC may lose it's individuality
and control over its own destiny and become simply a subsidiary of FEI.  
Anyone care to expand on that theory?


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