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Re: RC: Biltmore, again

In a message dated 5/8/01 7:22:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

we NEED FEI rides in the USA in order to field a WEC team that is up to
snuff -

bear in mind that since the MAJORITY of the AERC membership will never aspire
to or for a multitude of reasons be able to compete in this kind of venue, it
is unfair and unrealistic to assume that the rank and file of AERC PAYING
members should shoulder any part of this burden - and it DOES become a
burden. The profound majority of us DON'T NEED these FEI sanctioned rides.

 The FEI officials were helpful and courteous to us all.  We need to
reciprocate and

show our
respect of their knowledge.  We can't do this without them!

Do what? As I said, the huge majority of us DON'T want to do this. When a
ride's COST escalates in order to provide this "opportunity" which is NOT in
the interests of the majority; when it imposes additional rule, limitations,
and fewer options for entry level riders because of it; when it caters to a
small (regardless of ability and desire) minority, it is wrong. At the very
least it IS unnecessary. When 51% of the AERC membership thinks it is a great
idea, then let's talk about funding and management OUTSIDE of AERC itself. I
resent having to cater to a small few, having to manage two sets of rules,
and finally having to pay more for a ride that includes encumbrances that I
have no interest in.

In comparison, while we are not huge fans of Sweepstakes either for various
reasons, (we do have a Sweeps mare) clearly anyone who rides at a Regional
Championship sanctioned ride has other and pursuant obligations in order to
be eligible; however, no one else is affected particularly by those
obligations, the Rm makes additional arrangements, without the burden spread
to the rest of the riders. Why on earth should FEI be allowed to overhaul
what is a darned good thing??

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