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In a message dated 5/9/01 9:50:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

Higher level of what? Fitness? preparation? Ability? I think not. It seems a
little odd that dress codes, parking issues and such would indicate a
level. Different, yes. Higher? I think not.

Aside from that, it would seem that the issue is one of a sense that FEI is
trying take over endurance. If not, then I would imagine a few token rides
each season available as dual sanctioned events would not be an issue;
however, if this is a trend - or "the future" as some put it, many of us
vehemently opposed, and this rider and the vast majority of riders do not
WANT to be governed by FEI. We are satisfied with AERC  -  since it has
nothing else to DO but endurance, it has our best interests at heart. This
can hardly be said for an organization that sanctions and controls various
and many disciplines at numerous levels all over the world. Of course, we
strong supporters of local government here - keep the Feds out of our lives
so it would follow that we don't want anyone messing with our "local" AERC.
In other words, FEI can go do whatever it wants - just not on our dime and
riding roughshod over AERC and its members. This is what we are worried
happening. It has nothing whatever to do with higher levels and other
misconstrued notions of ability, fitness or involvement.

Have you been reading my mind?  I couldn't have said it better.


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