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It seems to me that if people want to compete Internationally and therefore
would need to ride by FEI rules, well, party on. HOWEVER, the vast majority
of us most probably will NEVER do this, and so not only is the FEI
alternative governance as it were a bloody nuisance, but completely
pointless. As I said before, endurance is a sport of pretty much last resort
for show ring escapees who got really sick of the politics, the procedures
for their own sake, and the spit and shine expectations of all parties
concerned. We want to see how far and how well and how safely we can ride our
horses in a given length of time - without collared shirts, without anyone
telling us where to stand before we vet in, and without having TWO sets of
rules to consider. If we wanted THAT, we would go to CTR some - but won't
because we don't WANT that kind of petty scrutiny.

Soon "to finish is to win" will read, "to finish - with a nice shirt facing
the proper direction, and waiting the appropriate number of minutes for the
vet/judge - is to win" will have to be the motto. Sorry - just bugs me - we
thought we escaped the idiotic and quite political essence of the show ring.
Seems as if ti is chasing us - HUNTED US DOWN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS:)!

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