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Re: Re: Hoof Help?

We have seen remarkable success with HT 20.  It's expensive but it works on almost every horse.  So far have only seen one it didn't work on and we have no idea why.  It really promotes healthy and fast hoof growth.  One vet we know recommended that a client who had a horse injure the coronet band feed double (or was it triple?) for three weeks.  We had trimmed her the week before the injury.  At 4 weeks Nelson had to trim her again...she had grown 3/4".  We know this because it's one of the horses we keep track of her hoof growth when we shoe her.  Very eye opening experience.  We have since recommended HT20 a lot.  No kickbacks from the company yet though!  :)  For fast results, HT20 is what we recommend.  For general hoof health and maintenance, 15 mg of biotin daily. 

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