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Re: Hoof Help?


Hi All -
I'm looking for some help for my mare's feet. She is an 11 yr. old QH, 15.3 and 1250 bs. (on the scale). I got her in May of '99. She has had cracks all along, they are better than they were, but they are still present, along with small checks in the wall and chips at the ground. None of the cracks move when she walks, and they do not seem to cause her any pain. Dani has small, typical halter horse feet (her hooves are smaller than both my Appy and my Arab). The fronts of them are a little bit steep.
My question to you all is - I would like to feed her a hoof supplement, but there are only about 5000 to choose from. What do some of you feed, how long have you used it before you saw results?
She is barefoot right now. She had shoes on in October, and was left bare in April. I would like to keep her bare, but right now, it looks as if we may need to go back to shoes again.
Any ideas, experiences, tips are appreciated.
Thanks and Ride Safe -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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