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RE: Polish vs Egyptian and sidepulls (unrelated)

<<Second- I've been reading with interest the thread on sidepulls, and think
might like to try one, but how would a person stop a run-away horse when
using a sidepull or other bitless bridle?  My horse has never run away , but
if spooked badly enough, who knows?  Can you double around without a bit?>>

I make biothane tack and have just designed a sidepull you might be
interested in.  Sorry to respond to the entire list, but I've had several
people ask me when I might have a sidepull and figured this would be faster
to let them know.

The sidepull I have designed has a headstall and the sidepull nosepiece can
be completely disconnected from it.  Then a halter nosepiece can be
connected.  A bit can be attached over either the halter or the sidepull.

I am using this on my 4 yr old arab.  He doesn't much like bits and responds
really well to the sidepull.  But he has occasional bucking and shying fits.
So I attach the bit and run a separate rein to the bit.  I then hook that
rein through the top of the breast collar so I only need to touch it when I
feel the sidepull isn't enough.  That actually hasn't happened yet.

Here is my website  but it won't be working right
now.  We just had a terrible spring blizzard and our service provider is
still down.  Hopefully sometime today!!

And as far as  Egyptian vs Polish, I have one of each and recognize some
name - not nearly as much as other people on the list will though.  I do
have a book with a ton of info on Egyptians and could probably tell you if
any of the names on your horse's pedigree are in that book.


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