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Re: RE: Re: Polish vs Egyptian and sidepulls (unrelated)

I agree 100% Kathy.  That whole "Timing, savvy, and feel" that Pat tries to
impress upon his 'students' is horse training in a nutshell.  You can go
thru the motions perfectly, but if you don't do it with the right timing,
savvy and feel with the horse, you're wasting your time AND ruining the

That, to me, is the major problem with mass 'how to train a horse' programs.
And, why most horses learn over time that that person up there will pull to
stop and kick to go. I can sit here and tell you, just like the comercial
trainers, what you should do and when.  But, if the listener does not have
the timing, savvy, or feel....forget it.  My hubby is a perfect example.
He'll do exactly as I say when I say it.  But, left to his own he's usually
just enough behind in correction or reward that the horse doesn't know what
he did right or wrong.  Timing...tis everything to a horse :)

, but this is how it translated to some people - and these people
> haven't really gotten to the point where they can figure out that their
> body gives signals, too.  So they clutch with their legs and seat, the
> goes
> forward, then they pull their nose around and the poor horse doesn't
> know whether they are coming or going and these people think their
> horse's have behaviour problems when in fact the horse is just confused.
> Kathy
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