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Re: RC: Bermuda Grass

     We've heard this story before.
      We've been feeding Bermuda Grass hay for over 7 years now.  I had a
boarding facility with over 45 horses on this hay (night feeding only).  Most
of which were endurance horses & clients.   I think what might start this
rumor, would be that people that have fed no Bermuda hay before, won't take
the time out to do this change slowly.  We always took 7-10 days to change a
horse out once at the ranch.
      Still have a new & smaller facility of various horses & clients and
still are having no problems with any colic.  Only 16 horses here on the new
place now, 9 horses are endurance horses and 5 are either Reg. or Nat'l
Ima Liberated Lady; Nat'l Pioneer Heavyweight 1999 & PS Reg. Overall
Katie Bar The Door; Nat'l Overall Mileage 8th & 9th 1998 & 1999
Rett Butler; PS Reg. 1st Heavyweight 2000
Mistanza;  PS Reg. 1st Middleweight 2000
MS Mischa; PS Reg. 2nd Junior 2000
      So you might want to contact this vet and ask him why he is spreading
this around to feed stores. <BG>

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products

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