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Re: RC: Bermuda Grass

>he heard from a local vet that Bermuda grass 
> has caused  some deaths due to intestinal blockage and this vet does
not > recommend > Bermuda grass hay.

All I can say is that it is still the hay of choice here.  I have had
gassy colics with Bermuda...when it's fed immediately after baled.  I've
learned to ALWAYS wait a couple of weeks before feeding it or I can just
about guarantee a gassy colic, but since I've started waiting we've had
NO problems.  Here's my totally unscientific theory.  Around here most of
the horses who get Bermuda are the ones whose owners are more of the type
to actually  consider surgery if their horse did colic.  The owners who
go the cheaper route and feed anything that gets cut and cured and called
hay are far less likely to be the ones who'd load up a horse and haul to
UT if it were colicing.  You get there, they say, "What kind of hay do
you feed?"  I think the statistics should tell us, "People who pay extra
to feed Bermuda hay are also more likely to go costly extremes to save
their horses"

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