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RE: GPS info

Brenda  Brooks
I have a Garmin E-trex, small hand held unit, simple to use and pretty much idiot proof. Retails for around $100. I can even see the numbers without my glasses. It does very well except on cloudy days in the forest. It will lose the signal sometimes, probably depends on the satellite position on those cloudy days too.  Have a friend who has the higher dollar model the GPS III.
Retails for over $300. It tracks better on those cloudy days, but it too has been known to lose signal occasionally. Plus side to it, the numbers are even larger and easier to see and you can program it to have speed and distance on the same screen. 
For the money the E-trex does quite well, actual speed, maximum speed, average speed, distance traveled, time, and a ton of other stuff that I haven't even begun to figure out. Supposedly will interface with computer but I haven't needed to do that.
I got it just to check speeds and distance. So it works great for what I wanted. B Brooks

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