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Scarey Incident

  This and others stories are 
unfortunate signs of the times, and reminders that as 
riders we must be constantly aware of our surroundings 
and never assume roads (dirt or paved) are safe for us and our equine friends. It also helps to know the statutes in your areas, you can usually look them up in local libraries and I urge all to do so. Where we live, a horse is considered a 
"vehicle" and other "vehicles" are required by law to signal and pass carefully when going around from the rear. Any other behavior is technically criminal and can be prosecuted as such. I looked it up when a driver hit my left stirrup on a very wide country road with no other traffic, and we had another confrontation with a green horse and a driver doing 60mph on a dirt road wherein the driver claimed roads were for cars only (yea right) and to get the hell out of his way. Please folks, ride defensively and with extra awareness, when it comes to cars and horses, horses lose
every time.
Dru in AZ

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