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Re: RC: treeless saddles

      I read your post on Ridecamp and so totally had the same experience
with the BOZ and its creator its amazing.  Maybe he's arrogant because he's a
little defensive about it? That design works great for roping, where you have
to brace against the back of the saddle, but Not for endurance or any other
sport where you want the horse to be moving forward in freedom!
      I have looked at the Ansur saddle and I like it, but I've been so
happy with my DiPietra DSS model (with stirrups in proper dressage position)
I didn't seriously consider it.  I would like to try it but I was concerned
about it over distance--in a 100 mile race.  Do you know anyone who has used
it in a 100?
      Dabney Finch

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