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Re: RC: treeless saddles

Saddles are as much about tastes and likes/dislikes as are what type of
dog you like or what make of pickup you drive...BUT I feel you don't
understand why the stirrups are hung forward on a Boz saddle.  If you
have ever ridden bareback, and then sat in a Boz saddle (you can have
someone take a picture to prove it) you will see that your legs are in
exactly the same position. I see so many people riding a horse in the
"CHAIR" position which is totally out of balance with your horse.  As a
dressage rider, you already know about the straight line from ear to hip
to heel...the difference is that you are sitting farther back on the
horse's back.  Time to look at pictures of the Plains Indians and where
they are sitting as they fly across the prairie shooting arrows at bison
or firing rifles at cavalry. ( A McClellan also had the stirrups forward.
)  The key is that the seat IS NOT built up in the front, but sits very
close to the horse's back in that spot right behind the withers that has
always been known as the RIDER'S GROOVE.  When you sit there properly,
with your pelvic bones rolled forward softly, not sitting on your
pockets, you are balanced over the horse's back where it is easiest for
him to carry you.  The Boz is designed for PERFORMANCE riding, not
pleasure riding (although I use it both ways) and with team penning wins,
best conditions, barrel racing and pole bending wins as well as being
able to jump with it, I have really used mine.  Chris Knoch, a
heavyweight , won the TEVIS using a BOZ.  The flexible tree is
great...wood is for woodpeckers.  We no longer wear wooden shoes, nor use
wooden tennis rackets, or wooden golf clubs.  Heck, even the wooden
PEG-LEG has been replaced!!

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