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Re: Re: Sports saddle

I must agree with this. I had similiar problems with a sports saddle on a
wide welsh cob, who is much the same build as a Paso. He lost hair under the
rear of the saddle and was very funny about his withers. He has white hair
there now.

friend with a very dinky slim Arab has no problem with her sports saddle

I sold my sports saddle at a great loss ( due to tax and shipping to Uk it
had cost me a lot to import) and have a free and easy which I am very happy

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> If your horses are wide at all and I know Peruvians tend to be, the
> saddles will do you wrong in the end. That little half tree in the front
> them that allows you to mount the horse without the saddle rolling too
> are all pretty narrow and when putting wgt in the stirrups it puts a lot
> pressure on the  withers. It is the same as having any ill fitting saddle.
> If you are not very acquainted with treeless saddles also then you don't
> realize that all horses get sore after a period of time because of your
> bones making pressure points and no weight distribution. I have custom
> saddles for 35 years and I have seen a lot of very sore horses in the past
> from these saddles. The other thing many of them do is rub the hair off
> loins as they don't really conform well to the horses back, especially
> short backed guys.
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