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Re: Sports saddle

If your horses are wide at all and I know Peruvians tend to be, the treeless
saddles will do you wrong in the end. That little half tree in the front of
them that allows you to mount the horse without the saddle rolling too much
are all pretty narrow and when putting wgt in the stirrups it puts a lot of
pressure on the  withers. It is the same as having any ill fitting saddle.
If you are not very acquainted with treeless saddles also then you don't
realize that all horses get sore after a period of time because of your seat
bones making pressure points and no weight distribution. I have custom built
saddles for 35 years and I have seen a lot of very sore horses in the past
from these saddles. The other thing many of them do is rub the hair off the
loins as they don't really conform well to the horses back, especially those
short backed guys.

Marilyn Horstmyer
Desoto Custom Saddlery
(231) 775-5612
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