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Re: RC: Re: Scary inceident

If my horse is a steady, older one, I block the road
and act like a traffic cop - one hand up motioning for
a halt or slow down.  At the same time, I'm planning
our "escape" in case they DON'T stop.  When the horse
doesn't move, the drivers seem to realize that a
1000lb hood ornament might make a dent!

We moved 4 years ago to a rural area in West Virginia.
 Shortly after moving, I was exploring the dirt roads
in the area on my bomb-proof gelding.  A kid in an old
"hot rod" roared passed, honking and making a fuss.  A
local farmer working on his tractor just down the road
saw this and drove the tractor out into the road &
blocked the kid.  He brought "sonny" back, holding his
ear, and told him to apologize nicely!  I had to pick
my jaw up off the ground!

About 2 weeks later, you guessed it - Same thing, same
place, same driver, and the farmer was there again!!! 
(Stupid kid!)  The farmer blocked him again.  This
time, the farmer asked me if I was willing to ride
about a 1/2 mile down the road to the boy's house to
talk to his parents.  His parents apologized and sonny
looked like he'd like to sink beneath the ground.  Dad
made a show of removing the car keys.  When I got home
I had a bag of fresh veggies and a note on my porch
apologizing again.

From then on, that boy pulls over & shuts the engine
off as I pass him.

This would never have happened in a million years
where I used to live!

Linda Flemer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV
--- Sue Brown <> wrote:
> At 08:27 PM 4/10/2001 -0700, Colleen Kirkpatirck
> wrote:
> >I had a horriable thing happen to me today when I
> was out rideing.
> >Can't I just go for a nice ride and not worry about
> some asshole
> >trying to intentally playing a mean joke.
> >So have any of you out there have a simular
> experiance?
> >What did you do about it?
> >Thanks
> >Colleen K.

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