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Re: why we use side pulls

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From: Robyn Levash <>
To: robert and carla lawson <robandcarla@HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: why we use side pulls

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> From: robert and carla lawson <robandcarla@HOTMAIL.COM>
> To: <>; <>
> Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 5:23 AM
> Subject: RC: why we use side pulls
> I have had the same wonderful experience with side pulls. My horses are
> times better in the sidepull over a bit. I even have one gelding that was
> notorious for trying to pull your arms out of your sockets with a bit
> a ride because he so adamately wanted to GOOOOO!!! I had such a great
> response from my other mare and gelding being ridden in the same sidepull
> that Robert and Carla speak of, so I gave it a try on this guy. I tried
> sidepull during our dressage lessons, then on the training rides and he
> an absolute dream (different horse) to ride. I am not kidding. I then
> bravely attempted to ride him in the sidepull (with a bit as back up
> emergency brakes just in case) on a ride and gosh darnit I didn't have to
> use the bit nor did he pull once. I've ridden him a couple of years now
> a sidepull and absolutely love it. I am sure he does too.
> Robyn
> > Robert and I use soft side pulls that we purchased from longriders gear.
> He
> > has blue and black I have red and black. We also have the yacht rope
> reins.
> > I have bad hands and am horrible with the bit. I was trained this way
> It
> > has been a challenge to try to keep from being hard on the horses mouth.
> > Sooo we use side pulls. I would rather make it easier on the horse than
> > ruin a mouth. Our horses love it.. have good carriage on their heads and
> > haven't remotely offered to over run them. Haley hated bits would throw
> her
> > head badly but would be an angel in her hack ( it was a covered bike
> chain)
> > she has now graduated to the side pull. She is doing quite well and
> carries
> > herself well. They both get more freedom to do the drive thru eating
> > know grab whatcha can as you go down the trail.
> > Carla (now to get that red saddle pad to match!)
> > Ansata ( we look like an argument! red/black bridle and green saddle pad
> and
> > girth!)
> > Haley (ohh no hard pressure on the nose I am a good girl!)
> > Rob (I like the reins...soft and supple!)
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