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why we use side pulls

Robert and I use soft side pulls that we purchased from longriders gear. He 
has blue and black I have red and black. We also have the yacht rope reins. 
I have bad hands and am horrible with the bit. I was trained this way and It 
has been a challenge to try to keep from being hard on the horses mouth. 
Sooo we use side pulls. I would rather make it easier on the horse than to 
ruin a mouth. Our horses love it.. have good carriage on their heads and 
haven't remotely offered to over run them. Haley hated bits would throw her 
head badly but would be an angel in her hack ( it was a covered bike chain) 
she has now graduated to the side pull. She is doing quite well and carries 
herself well. They both get more freedom to do the drive thru eating know grab whatcha can as you go down the trail.
Carla (now to get that red saddle pad to match!)
Ansata ( we look like an argument! red/black bridle and green saddle pad and 
Haley (ohh no hard pressure on the nose I am a good girl!)
Rob (I like the reins...soft and supple!)
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