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Bits, why do you use what you do?

I'm glad someone asked about bits at rides, as it's something I've been
toying with for a while.  Toc has finally decided to grow up a little, and
at the moment I can do everything, including XC fences, in a simple KK
snaffle and he stays calm and obedient, even at a show.  My concern is that,
when he's on trail with a bunch of horses (as he would be at a ride), he
goes a little demented again and pop rears, bucks, and does his damndest to
get to the front of the group, even if the horse he wants to overtake is a
mile away when he first sees it.

I don't want to haul on him in the snaffle (icky, yuck), and circling him
isn't always an option because it seems to exacerbate his pissed-offedness.
I was thinking of using my Viennese on him when I do take him to a CTR, so
that there will be a little poll pressure to rein him in, rather than
pressure only on his mouth.  He went very well in this bit when we first
started doing XC, but now it's too much for him, but I'm thinking it may be
appropriate when he's in "ohmigod, horses!" brain fart mode.   When he's
alone, or with one or two other horses, he's a dream, and will go on for
ever on a loose rein, without pulling at all.

Any other suggestions?  Considering we'll only be doing, at the most, 25
miles, I really don't want to be hauling on him every inch of the way.


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