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Re: Bits, why do you use what you do?

Can't answer this from a endurance riders perspective..yet...but I ride durn
near everything I have with a snaffle..just a plain old loose ring, or dee
ring.  I have one mare who I ride with a Kimberwick but that is a left over
from when we showed her and she would set her head nicer with the curb
mouth.  However, I can ride her with a snaffle anywhere...heck, a halter
would do probably!

To me, less is better and teaching the horse to respond to your seat is
paramount.  The bit for me is just a 'barrier' for collection and a means to
get them turned from 'runaway' in thoes thankfully few and far between dumb
a@# attacks they all seem to have at one point or another.  Pulling straight
back on any bit will not stop a runaway horse anyway..gotta turn that neck
and get the forward out of em :)

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> Jonni <>
> OK, I know the subject of bits, hackamores, and bridles in general have
come up in different forms on this list. After seeing many different
endurance riders at rides over the past 10+ years, and the different
equipment used,this is my question.
> Why do you use the bit (hackamore or whatever) that you use at rides?
> If you do not want to post to the list, feel free to drop me a note
> I do not think one bit is better than another, I just am curious as to WHY
you use what you use....
> Jonni
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