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Re: RC: Barbed wire fencing


I recently moved my horse from NJ, where he had seen nothing but solid wooden fencing  for 12 years to CO where he is now surrounded by smooth and barbed wire fencing.  Being the TB that he is I was pretty nervous.  I was afraid he wouldn't see or respect it.  Before he arrived I went around and tied ribbons to the fencing. This just seemed to make the fencing much more visible for both of us.  I also walked him around the fence line before turning him loose.  A year later and no problems.  I really think  making it more visible helps prevent   'run-ins'.  And plus, my neighbors got a good laugh out of my farm decorating!

Good luck, Lindsey

>From: "Kerry Redente"
>Subject: RC: Barbed wire fencing
>Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 09:29:47 -0400
>I'm from the northeast where barbed wire fencing is not used for horses. I'm considering moving with my 2 horses to Cheyenne, Wyoming and I know that this type of fencing is primarily used. I know, dumb Yankee here, but how do you introduce a horse to this type of fencing without them getting injured?
>If you're wondering why I'm asking, my first experience with barbed wire and one of my horse wasn't a good one and it has me a little nervous. I was trailering out to WY last summer and had a stop-over in western Nebraska and the place we stayed at had barbed wire fencing. To make a long story short, my mare accidently ran into it and had to stay at a nearby vet clinic for 2 weeks. She fully recovered and will probably respect the fence next time but my other horse loves to lean on fences and push out boards.
>Thank you!
>West Suffield, CT
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