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Re: RC: Barbed wire fencing

At 01:35 AM 4/11/2001 +0000, Lindsey Corcoran wrote:
  Before he arrived I went around and tied ribbons to the fencing. This just seemed to make the fencing much more visible for both of us.  I also walked him around the fence line before turning him loose.  A year later and no problems.  I really think  making it more visible helps prevent   'run-ins'.  And plus, my neighbors got a good laugh out of my farm decorating!

I take in a few boarders and have wire fencing.  My fence is smooth wire; the neighbor's is barb wire.  Before every new boarder arrives, I walk around my entire acreage and hang surveyor's tape from the fence.  The tape flutters in the breeze so that the horses can see the perimeter of the property.  I then lead the new horse around all the pastures so that he can see the fence.  After awhile, the tape will disintegrate but by that time, the horses know their boundaries.  This has worked well for me for many years, too.


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