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Re: RC: Scary inceident

At 08:27 PM 4/10/2001 -0700, Colleen Kirkpatirck wrote:
>I had a horriable thing happen to me today when I was out rideing.
>Can't I just go for a nice ride and not worry about some asshole
>trying to intentally playing a mean joke.
>So have any of you out there have a simular experiance?
>What did you do about it?
>Colleen K.

Many years ago, I lived in an area where I had to ride the equivalent of
two city blocks to get to the trails.  I got a letter from the local Chief
of Police giving me permission to ride those streets.  (It was a semi-rural
area with no sidewalks.)  One day while I was riding to the trails, a young
man in a car came up behind me (aiming for my horse).  I had to ride onto a
neighbor's yard to get away from him.  Then he turned around in the road
and headed back toward me again!  I again had to ride at an angle to his
car and up onto a neighbor's yard.  I shouted at him and he shouted back
saying that I had no right to ride in the road.  I told him that I had a
letter from the Chief of Police giving me permission to be there.  That was
the end of it, but I was always watchful for him whenever I rode there
again.  I could not believe that someone would deliberately aim for my horse!


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