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Scary inceident

Hello everyone,
I had a horriable thing happen to me today when I was out rideing.
I was crossing a rual road to get home from a trail I ride on.
When I cross this road I always wait till the cars are at least
60 or 70 yards away comeing or going.
Well anyway there wass this young boy he look probably around 16 or 17
well he  saw that I was crossing and he intentually speeded up
I was'nt even across the street when he came barreling by probably doing
60 or 70.
He was in feet of me!!!
Polaris freak out he was so scared by it he sat down in the street!!!
Lucky there was no one else coming.
To make matters worse while I'm trying to get Polaris under control
the damn kid flips me the bird while still barreling down the road.
I could'nt get his licence plate number because Polaris was freakin out so I 
had to consintrate on getting him calm again.
I mean there are so many horriable people out there that don't respect
Can't I just go for a nice ride and not worry about some asshole
trying to intentally playing a mean joke.
So have any of you out there have a simular experiance?
What did you do about it?
Colleen K.

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