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Bits I use at rides...

Hi Jonni,
	Lets see....
I rode my mare for 6 years. Bought her untrained, sent to trainer for 3-1/2
Never used a bit ever. Rode her in the old fashioned Bosal w/mecate, etc.
rig. Never a bad moment, whether at walk, trot, canter, or gallop, BUT. . .
this is what she was trained to respect from 
day one. Funny thing is, I had folks tell me I'd never be able to control
her if she got excited, or stop her if she decided to run away, but she
never did. Maybe I was lucky, I dunno. 

	The gelding I now have is very light-mouthed. I ride him in a Dr.
Bristol---just because it
is one of the ONLY two bits I own. I rode him in a halter a few times and a
hackamore once, but haven't ever had a control problem. 

	I look forward to seeing other folk's posts on the subject.

	Charlene B.

Charlene Bartholomae
AERC #11292
Kentwood, LA.

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