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Re: Helmets

> Kirstin said:
> Did you know after an impact ( more than a scratch or dent ) to your helmet you should have it sent to the manufacturer for inspection?  Well...I didn't, but my mom informed me of it.  You should also replace your helmet every 3 years.

Every 5 years is enough, actually, but it's very important.

> So where your helmet they have new ones out that are cool, comfortable, and light as a feather.

Just wore my new Troxel AT yesterday for the first time.  Feels like
wearing a baseball cap (only safer).  Now I have 2!  Tossing out a 5
year-old one this week.

And no, we don't need to start the "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
Wind in My Hair" thread again, thank you.


* * *
Abby Bloxsom
ARICP Certified Instructor
Level III Recreational and Distance Riding
Colebrook, CT USA

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