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Re: RC: Endure the flames

There is a big difference between honest difference of opinion and heated debate
and flaming.  When one debates they question and yes, even attack, the ideas and
concepts. When they flame it is a personal conflict. While some might be
uncomfortable with debate - sometimes heated - on the concepts and ideas -
hopefully we won't fall into the the mode that we have to be "politically correct"
so everyone is comfortable.  It is this discomfort which may mean that someone
somewhere is actually questioning his his veiw of the world, evaluating other's
views and in fact something may be learned from the exchange.

So I personally vote for erring on the side of too many flames, rather than too
much "censorship" so we are all comfortable.


Bette Lamore wrote:

> I haven't seen you post any mean remarks, Howard.
> My preference would be to have those who feel they MUST replay with a
> snide remark do so privately, thank you very much. Many of us have
> received feedback that the majority of us would rather not deal with
> such negativity and neither does Steph (see her memos about no flaming)
> and it's HER party!! For those of you who like blood, there's always
> wrestling, XFL, and hockey!
> Go on a ride and spin us a good yarn, Howard ("G" rated  ;-)  )
> Bette

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