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bits at rides

   I just started using a crosspull and really like
the control I have in it. I had tried a sidepull and
felt like I needed a  more control than what I was
getting. It didn't take long for Daisy to figure out
how to root her nose and pull harder than I could pull
to avoid it. Until this I was using a full check
snaffle which worked great but made it hard for her 
to eat and drink easily on the trail. I had borrowed a
hackamore (lil S kind) but didn't like that I couldn't
get much lateral flexion, which is pretty much the
basis of our training at this stage.

   I had friend,who makes rope tack, make me up a
crosspull. It's so light that Daisy didn't realize she
had anything on until I asked for a turn..boy was she
surprised! With the crosspull not only do you get side
pressure but you get poll pressure as well. The more
Daisy tried to evade the crosspull the more pressure
it put on her. Now all I have to do is pick up on one
rein and I get instant response. What has taken me
many months to get in a snaffle  took me a day to get
with the crosspull..I was amazed!

Penny & Daisy

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