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Re: RC: Scary Incident

What ever happened to loitering laws??

>From: "" <>
>To: "" <>
>Subject: RC:  Scary Incident
>Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 20:09:36 -0700
>Nina Bomar
>My horse Spider, dog Butch and I went out for an
>early morning ride one weekend.  Our trail access
>is about a 1/2 mile from my house and unfortunately
>it's all city streets with concrete sidewalks.  We were
>approaching the freeway underpass when I noticed the
>homeless guy (who is a local landmark) and his dog had
>parked themselves on the sidwalk.  Since I didn't want
>to startle them, I began making noises as we got closer
>to them.  I had my dog on a leash on my one side and I led
>Spider on the other side.  Well, the homeless guy's dog
>lunged at us and was growling ferociously, so I calmly
>put my hand up and said to the dog "stay there, it's okay".
>For some unknown reason, this infuriated the homeless guy
>and he then got up while screaming profanities and came towards
>us with a vengence.  Spider who is my magnificent and beloved 15'3 dapple 
>grey gelding, charged at the guy with his ears pinned back and with such 
>bravery even I was stunned.  The homeless guy backed down real quick and 
>his dog cowardly hunkered down in submission.  I jumped on my horse and 
>after we passed him, the idiot began yelling more obscene gestures and 
>threatened to kill me upon my return.  Needless to say, I rode to a nearby 
>ranch and asked to borrow a phone to call 911.  The police came and 
>escorted us home with their patrol car.  They were unable to arrest this 
>guy because he did not physically touch me (can you believe that?)  I never 
>did get to ride that day and my nerves were shattered from the whole 
>experience.  The real pissy of it all is that this same guy continues to 
>loiter in the same place and has created a following of local supporters 
>that give him money, pet supplies, clothes and food.  He buys his liquor 
>from the local liquor store and pays with one hu!
>ndred dollar bills.  He has made his home on the trail where I used to ride 
>and it is now completely unpassable due to all his trash, bedding, sacks 
>upon sacks of dog food and other donated goods.  Sometimes I wish I could 
>take the city folks that feel such pitty on him and show them where their 
>money goes.  I have to seriously control my own urges not to run the 
>bastard down each day as I pass him by, only instead of by horse, it's by 
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