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Re: Scary Incident

I really find all these stories v. scarey.

I recently moved yards after being hit by a truck when out riding
 thankfully no long term damage to horse or me).

NO ONE has time anymore for riders on the road. The Uk's no different from
the states .

 Before my accident I had experinced the following:

 drivers sitting on my horses rear end and in one instance pushing us at our
fastest trot up hill between parked cars until my horse found a space to
jump on to the pavement. The driver in this instance was a women with
children in the back who cheerily waved to us as she (finally) drove past,

a driver clipping my stirrup with his wing mirror

a driver coming up a hill so fast towards us that he swerved to avoid an
oncoming car nearly hit me and then ended up hitting a wall

a driver squeezing past my friends horse ( accompanying us after our
accident to give us confidence) screaming abuse about f*** horse riders
riding two abreast and ending up with my firends big cob mare virtually
sitting on his bonnet. The Howard bit is that my friend ( not known as Mrs
Sensible) chased the driver through a housing estate and finally cornered
him in a culidsack . She reconded he had garaged his car and hid in the
house as she arrived - thank GOD shed be up for murder now otherwise!

I have now moved to a rather hit and miss shabby ish farm form the previous
prestine yard as I can rideout onto our one bit of local common land ( all 1
1/2 miles by 1 1/2 of it) Not brilliant but traffic free thank god!

Now all I have to worry about is the local drug dealers and car theives who
also frequent it!  There was a brilliant artcile a while back in a US
endurance mag about dealing with dangerous animals ( human) on the trail
which is well worth reading. I have experienced ( once or twice) drunk
people trying to get me of my horse by grabbing the reins usually so little
sonny can have a ride and the advice in the mag to spin your horse around
shooting who dangerous mad horse works quite well.


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Subject: RC: Scary Incident

> What ever happened to loitering laws??
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> >Subject: RC:  Scary Incident
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> >Nina Bomar
> >My horse Spider, dog Butch and I went out for an
> >early morning ride one weekend.  Our trail access
> >is about a 1/2 mile from my house and unfortunately
> >it's all city streets with concrete sidewalks.  We were
> >approaching the freeway underpass when I noticed the
> >homeless guy (who is a local landmark) and his dog had
> >parked themselves on the sidwalk.  Since I didn't want
> >to startle them, I began making noises as we got closer
> >to them.  I had my dog on a leash on my one side and I led
> >Spider on the other side.  Well, the homeless guy's dog
> >lunged at us and was growling ferociously, so I calmly
> >put my hand up and said to the dog "stay there, it's okay".
> >For some unknown reason, this infuriated the homeless guy
> >and he then got up while screaming profanities and came towards
> >us with a vengence.  Spider who is my magnificent and beloved 15'3 dapple
> >grey gelding, charged at the guy with his ears pinned back and with such
> >bravery even I was stunned.  The homeless guy backed down real quick and
> >his dog cowardly hunkered down in submission.  I jumped on my horse and
> >after we passed him, the idiot began yelling more obscene gestures and
> >threatened to kill me upon my return.  Needless to say, I rode to a
> >ranch and asked to borrow a phone to call 911.  The police came and
> >escorted us home with their patrol car.  They were unable to arrest this
> >guy because he did not physically touch me (can you believe that?)  I
> >did get to ride that day and my nerves were shattered from the whole
> >experience.  The real pissy of it all is that this same guy continues to
> >loiter in the same place and has created a following of local supporters
> >that give him money, pet supplies, clothes and food.  He buys his liquor
> >from the local liquor store and pays with one hu!
> >ndred dollar bills.  He has made his home on the trail where I used to
> >and it is now completely unpassable due to all his trash, bedding, sacks
> >upon sacks of dog food and other donated goods.  Sometimes I wish I could
> >take the city folks that feel such pitty on him and show them where their
> >money goes.  I have to seriously control my own urges not to run the
> >bastard down each day as I pass him by, only instead of by horse, it's by
> >car.
> >
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