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New product...

Greetings...   whiling away time on the computer waiting to be able to ride...  I checked out a site that was referred to me.  It is a company who uses GPS type technology to locate people and pets.  One product is a wristwatch (developed to help locate Alzheimer's victims and/or lost children) where you can check the location of the wearer on a website!  My husband thinks that he'd feel better knowing how to find me when I'm out riding and don't arrive home when he expects me!  Perhaps, if you ride alone, your loved ones feel the same way.  I am also hoping that these folks will consider developing an implant for horses to locate if strayed or stolen...  Wouldn't that ease our minds?  Check it out:  It also has a 911 alert button-in case of emergency.
Vickie Smith
Lincoln, Vermont
PS Steph, I also suggested to them that they advertise on!

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