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Easyboot Ridemanagers software available now

About 2 years ago - I tried the Easyboot Ride Managers
program.  It worked reasonably well
then but still had some bugs.  I used it on several of the
Shine and Shine Only rides. It keeps track
of all the ride information and generates the reports needed
for the office.  It also does a nice
job of calculating BC scores.

It was not production then but appears to be now.  It is
available at the easyboot and sportack
sites now with user documentation.

If you would like to try it - the URLs are

You have to use Internet Explorer to download the program.
Netscape just shows a blank
page.  The zipped program size is 4M.

I have not tried this version so I cannot say if there are
any remaining problems but I would
be willing to act as a resource for  using it if you decide
to try it.

Garrett Ford and Easycare/Sportack have put a lot of effort
and funds into developing this for
the endurance community.  It's a very useful program for a
RM if they have a laptop for
use at the ride - or a desktop at home to produce the

While you are at the site to look at the program - you
should take a look around the rest of the
site.  They are well done and a good place to get your
equine related items.

Garrett and Easycare/Sportack certainly deserve our thanks
for developing the program.
With some additional effort - it could be tied into the
on-line database so that the results
could be made available to the office and reduce their
effort in getting results in the records.


    Check it Out!    

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