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Re: RE: Hoof abscess

> If the horse isn't in pain what would stop the horse from being able to
> compete in a ride?

My mare had a stone bruise/abscess in January.  My vet warned me not to ride
her as further trauma could lead to infection (I ride with EZ boots, too).
You might be able to put an EZ boot on it, but there are still risks for
infection if the boot falls off, the gauze gets wet & grungy at a watering
hole, etc.  There's also a risk that the hoof DOES hurt a little, or starts
to hurt during a ride, and the horse gets injured elsewhere by compensating
for the pain during competition.  Horses have the heart to give us more than
they should sometimes.

At least ask the vet that diagnosed this abscess or an endurance vet what
the worst case scenario is for competing with the horse to understand the
risks involved.  I went through a worst case puncture/hoof abscess last
summer and know that worst cases CAN happen.


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