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Re: Re: RE: Hoof abscess

I guess I really dropped the ball on this one....that's what I get for
trying to post replies when I'm exhausted.  I didn't even catch the 50 miler
NEXT weekend part.  My apologies to all...If it were MY horse, I wouldn't
even consider riding in competition so soon.  Light riding at home would be
another matter entirely.  Hoof abscesses have a way of reoccuring just when
you think you have the problem licked.  That hole should be protected with
gauze or whatever and an easy boot or Davis boot is not a dumb idea but it
shouldn't be closed up in case it DOES start to get infected again. Some of
those products we use for cracks or rebuilding hoof wall are TOUGH stuff and
Nelson has to actually trim it off as it grows down.  Not a good idea to use
anything like that in an abscess hole.  I think Pat is right on target with
the soaking and irrigating and should continue that for awhile.  The hole
will grow out eventually and close up., I have not lost my mind
and thank everyone for not speculating such.

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