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Re: Hoof abcess

I agree with Jim's post, Pat.  Horses are pretty stoic animals and while the
foot may not be lame just standing around, I'll bet it would show up like
gangbusters at some point during a 50 mile ride---so you've wasted the trip
just for a pull, plus slowed the healing process for the horse and possibly
risked additional injury if more mud and crud gets jammed up into the hole
before it can close.  Even worse would be, as Jim suggested, causing some
tendon or muscle damage elsewhere just from favoring that foot and not
traveling balanced.  And if you try to close up the hole with dentine or
whatever, then any bacteria trapped up in the hole is more likely to start
up an infection again, rather than leaving it open until it closes on its
own from the inside out.

I'm with Jim, I would sit this one out.  Err on the side of the horse and
you can't go wrong.  :-)

Hope it heals up quickly and good luck.

Susan G

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Subject: RC: Hoof abcess

> Pat, I haven't seen the horse....but just because he's not lame on it
> doesn't mean there is no discomfort.  It's sorta like running a race
> with part of your shoe missing.  You could do some damage elsewhere if
> he favors that foot. The laminae are very sensitive and the structural
> integrity of the hoof has been compromised. (I'm assuming you are not
> doing 50 miles at a walk!) If the openiing  happens to be in the
> quarters, or close to where you drive nails, there is a possibility of
> further damaging the hoof if he should lose the shoe.  When it grows out
> enough that you don't have to treat it any more, you can replace the
> shoe and build up the hoof in that area with Hoof It, or a similar
> product.
> IMHO, there is always another ride...but not always another horse.
> Leave it open, let it grow out before you ask him for 50 miles on a
> damaged foot. Err on the side of the horse.
> Jim and Sun of Dimanche
>" wrote:
> >
> > Pat Oliva
> > I am a member of ride camp but do not know how to post so I am using
this format.  Tigger has a abcess in his hind foot.  It is located in the
front near the wall. A week ago the vet opened it and drained it.  I have
been soaking and irrigating  with betadine.  There is no pain and no
drainage. But-there is a good size open hole.  I am torn between placing a
shoe over it open or somehow putting dentine or other hardener in the hold
before appling the shoe.  I am planning on a 50 next weekend and will use a
easyboot over the shoe.
> >
> > Can anyone who has been there give me some advice.?
> >
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