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RE: RE: Hoof abscess

My question was: With an obvious insult to the hoof what is the extreme
necessity of riding this horse in a competition.

Your response answers the question with a question so I shall respond in

Is the welfare of the horse such that you find more importance in
competition than in assuring complete healing of an infection?

Bob Morris

Incidentally, the preamble states; "While the AERC assumes that most
participants are responsible and caring, it is recognized that a highly
competitive sport needs regulation"! Need I say more?

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If the horse isn't in pain what would stop the horse from being able to
compete in a ride? Some damage to the hoof wall, I doubt it.  i'm sure it
would be best to try and keep it clean, maybe put some gauze and vetwrap
around it, then wrap duck tape.  As far as putting a shoe on it I am sure
could refer you're question best to your farrier.
        Kori Byrd & Nantyka's April

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