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Re: RC: RE: Re: [endurance] Difference in Arabians

Truman, that was right on time! I knew you couldn't let that pass!  You
know, it's all in your perspective. Was told a story once, probably in a
bar in Oceanside, Jacksonvile, of them memory
isn't what it used to be..... 

Anyway, it seems several Army types were sitting around a table
discussing an incident in the Korean conflict where an Army unit was on
the receiving end of a Calvary Charge (on horses) by a North Korean unit
and didn't fare too well.  Noticing a couple of grizzled old Marines at
the table next door, one asked "Master Sergeant, what would you have
done?"  The Top leaned back in his chair, took a pull off his beer and
said "Don't rightly know, Son....wasn't there...but whatever it was, we
would-a been ridin' them d#@$ horses when it was over! 'Course the Air
Force was watching from a distance! :)

Well, it's ALMOST horse related....Ridecamp's been kinda slow, lately

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

"Truman Prevatt, PhD" wrote:
> But Jim,
> The last time I checked the Marine Corps was part of the Navy, has that changed,
> and if you ask a sailor about the marines they just say "lightweights"<G>.
> Of course I expect Morris, and maybe even Fruth,  will have something to say
> about this.
> Truman
> Jim Holland wrote:
> > wrote:
> >
> > > Howard (wondering how much extra beer I'll have to bring when I finally get
> > > to ride with Jim)
> >
> > Well, I don't know, know, "Serious Drinkin'" in the Marine
> > Corps has a slightly different connotation than when applied to the Air
> > Force. <grin>  However, I'll go easy on you...."a pittance, a mere
> > pittance".
> >
> > Jim and Sun of Dimanche
> >
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