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RE: RE: Re: [endurance] Difference in Arabians

The only relationship we had with the Navy was with the Corpsmen who carried
a canteen of grain alky on our orders. (strictly for medicinal purposes of


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But Jim,

The last time I checked the Marine Corps was part of the Navy, has that
and if you ask a sailor about the marines they just say "lightweights"<G>.

Of course I expect Morris, and maybe even Fruth,  will have something to say
about this.


Jim Holland wrote:

> wrote:
> > Howard (wondering how much extra beer I'll have to bring when I finally
> > to ride with Jim)
> Well, I don't know, know, "Serious Drinkin'" in the Marine
> Corps has a slightly different connotation than when applied to the Air
> Force. <grin>  However, I'll go easy on you...."a pittance, a mere
> pittance".
> Jim and Sun of Dimanche

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