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Tevis 2000 video

I've received my copy of the Tevis 2000 video and, despite the majority of
the words being in Japanese, it's a pretty enjoyable video.  I wish I knew
what he was saying tho.  Anybody have a translation?? <g>  I'd also like to
know who the cast of characters is -- who are all of the people being
interviewed?  (I recognized Julie and Potato.)  Who were the vets in the

And Lynne -- I saw your name in the credits...but your "job title" was in
Japanese.  So what *was* your job title?

An enjoyable video.  I got a new treadmill so watched the video while
trying it out for the first time -- so it really didn't matter that I
couldn't hear the words very well. <g>  Interesting choice of music.


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